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Infinity from Marvin Windows



Awning replacement windows are hinged at the top and they have a sash that swings out from the bottom of the window. The structure allows for you to ventilate your home even during inclement weather. They add more light and better airflow while maintaining open views.
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Performance Glass
Low E3/ERS™

Low E3/ERS combines the energy efficient assets and UV protection of Low E3 with Low E3/ERS. This is an inside surface coating that immediately reflects escaping heat back into the space. As a result this increases energy efficiency and your overall comfort!

Low E2
Energy efficiency is important to you, and Low E2 glass is an easy means of boosting your home’s thermal efficiency all year. Low E2 reflects heat back to the source. Basically this means that heat from the summer sun is reflected back outdoors and in the winter heating is kept inside where it should be. Low E2 also blocks up to 84% of UV rays which helps to reduce the fading effects of the sun on your carpet and furniture.

Low E3
Low E3 glass provides elevated performance for high sun areas in your home or business. This top of the line glass is formulated to reject heat from the sun, but at the same time let light in. With Low E3, light and visibility from the windows are maximized, while up to 95% of damaging UV rays are blocked.

Awning windows feature window sash attached to the frame by one or more hinges. Awning-style windows are hinged on the top of the frame and swing outward. Fiberglass awning windows provide substantially more protection against the weather.

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