Spring is a time for revitalization

but for Denver homeowners is also means a lot of rain. For three months, homeowners in Denver are faced with rainy weather which can create major issues with windows. Before the rain sets in, Denver homeowners need to be proactive to ensure their windows are ready for Spring. There are many ways homeowners can get windows ready for Spring.

1. Weather-Proof

For Denver homeowners it is important to weather-proof windows before the Spring season begins. There are several ways to weather-proof windows to keep the rain out of your home.

Check For Leaks

Winter weather brought a lot of snow and ice to Denver and snow and ice means your windows probably developed leaks as a result. If you have wooden or vinyl windows, leaks might occur.

Look for signs of cracking, mold or mildew around the seals, or dampness on the interior of your home around windows. If you suspect a leak in your windows, contact the experts at Lifetime Windows and Siding. The experience technicians can help you determine the extent of the leak and help you determine the next steps.

Check For Debris

Debris build up in gutters or around windows can create major issues for homeowners in Denver during Spring. When rains start, the weight of the water can cause debris build up to get heavy and fall onto your windows.

Rain soaked debris can also cause mold and mildew around windows. It is important that you remove any debris from gutters and around windows to protect your home from the rainy weather of Spring.

2. Exterior Maintenance

Spring does not mean your windows are safe from the elements of weather. Denver homeowners need to be diligent in maintaining the exterior of their home.

Keep Exterior Clean

Keeping the area around windows clean and free of trash and debris can ensure rain from Spring weather does not build up causing issues with windows. Living in Denver, homeowners can experience heavy downpours and by keeping trash and debris away from the exterior of windows, keeps damage away.

Keep Diligent

Denver homeowners need to keep diligent in the exterior maintenance of their home. Before and during Spring, homeowners need to keep an eye out for any weather- related damage to windows or gutters.

If windows are damages due to the elements of weather, contact the window experts at Lifetime Windows and Siding for all your replacement window needs.

3. Be Prepared

When you know what to expect, you know what to do. Homeowners in Denver know Spring brings a lot of rain. Being prepared for the Springtime rain can help you prepare your windows for Spring.

Double Check

By double checking your exterior windows for debris, damage, and dirt, you will know if any issues exist. If you find any warning signs, contact your local window company at Lifetime Windows and Siding who can help you get your windows ready for Spring.

Ask For Help

Damages windows mean disaster for Denver homeowners in the Spring. Damaged windows can cause rain to leak into the interior of your home. To prevent further exterior damage and future interior damage, replacement windows can solve the problem. By replacing your damaged windows, you can make sure your new windows are ready for Spring.

Are your windows ready for Spring? If you cannot answer yes, then there are several things as a Denver homeowner you need to do. First, weather-proof your windows by ensuring there is no debris or leaks. Secondly, maintain the exterior of your home by removing anything that can cause a problem and checking for damage. Third, when in doubt call the experts at Lifetime Windows and Siding to ask questions.