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Lifetime Windows & Siding proudly sponsors Denver Zoo as a local Signature Sponsor. Our donations to the Zoo support their conservation programs for wildlife and future generations. The Denver Zoo provides transformative learning experiences that connect people to the wonder of animals and nature.

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When you make a visit to our local Zoo, listen and learn as much as you can about how to help save wildlife, then teach your family and friends. Try activities like these:

  • Set an appointment with Lifetime an get 4 FREE Zoo tickets.
  • Attend one of the Zoo’s daily animal demonstrations and keeper talks.
  • Book a spot in one of the Zoo’s Up-Close Animal Encounters.
  • Sign yourself and kids up for one of the transformative education programs.
  • Connect with our dedicated staff and volunteers (we love questions!)

Sustainability and Safety

Our planet faces great challenges, many of which threaten the earth’s health and biodiversity. Denver Zoo has a rich and meaningful heritage as an organization committed to the conservation of animals across the globe and as a leader in the animal care field. Below, you’ll learn about the Zoo’s philosophy on sustainability, tips on how you can contribute, and you’ll discover how Lifetime is contributing to sustainable business and production practices as well.

Denver Zoo’s Eight Priority Sustainability Objectives

  • Impact
    Denver Zoo’s sustainability programs support actions to mitigate the impact of climate change and protect wild animals & wild places.

  • Priority
    Denver Zoo is working towards establishing targets for our eight priority objective areas.

  • Zero Waste
    Denver Zoo set a target for their waste objective to be a Zero Waste Campus by 2025.

Sustainability Tips For You & Your Family

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Conserving energy and water reduces greenhouse gas emissions and can help to lessen the effects of climate change—ultimately saving wildlife and wild places. Here are simple things to do at home that make a difference:

  • Install an automatic thermostat at energy efficient set points.
  • Install other energy-efficient appliances or bulbs.
  • Bike, carpool or walk whenever possible.
  • Install replacement windows and doors from Lifetime to reduce energy costs and support green manufacturing.
  • Follow lawn watering guidelines, purchase water-saving appliances, fix leaking sinks and toilets, and take the shortest possible shower.

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Sustainability As A Way Of Business

At Lifetime, we also look at the long-term view, and we recognize that a serious commitment to sustainable operations is the right thing to do. We practice sustainable business practices, both for the environment and for our local community.

Going “Beyond Green” With High-Quality Products

We take the idea of sustainability beyond “green” business practices. This is a core reason for our partnership with Denver Zoo. We’ve hand selected the Marvin Window manufacturing company specifically because they implement environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes and wood products made from responsibly-managed forests. Marvin recently won awards “for producing more ‘Most Efficient’ windows than any other manufacturer.” Their Infinity from Marvin Windows and Doors are built with the environment in mind.

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Denver Zoo’s goal is to operate in the most environmentally, socially, and economically friendly manner possible. They take positive action to secure a safe and healthy planet for both animals and humans.

Lifetime Windows is committed to offering sustainable products that are good for the environment as well as the community. Marvin windows recently won the “Green Award” for offering more “Most Efficient” windows than any other manufacturer.

Together, Lifetime and Denver Zoo created a concept title “Window into the Wild” as a part of Lifetime’s sponsorship. This concept allows people to safely view construction projects taking place at the Zoo, such as the new Penguin exhibit.

Denver Zoo also provides educational experiences that inspire learners to become champions of wildlife. The Denver Zoo is actively engaged in global conservation efforts that are addressing urgent threats to wildlife.

Making Local Community A Priority

Lifetime has made giving back a priority since we opened our doors. The Front Range community has taken good care of us and we are committed to providing support locally.

The Denver Zoo offers their visitors a unique opportunity to see amazing and exotic animals from all over the world and how these animals enrich our lives, teach us something and connect us to nature.

Lifetime Windows offers homeowners bigger, more beautiful views that revitalize indoor spaces by bringing natural light and fresh air into the home.

One of Denver Zoo’s top priorities is protecting the health and well-being of their animal residents with the best nutrition, enrichment, and care.

One of Lifetime’s top priorities is helping families protect their homes with the most trusted windows and doors available. Our windows are made for high-altitude.