With Fall and Winter right around the corner, Colorado homeowners need to prepare their roofs for the weather ahead. Living in Colorado, homeowners are familiar with strong wind and falling leaves of Fall and harsh winter weather such as heavy snow and hail. Knowing how to prepare your roof for Fall and Winter prevents major damage and saves Colorado homeowners money.

There are several tips homeowners should utilize to prepare their Colorado roofs for Fall and Winter. Fall and Winter weather is a Colorado homeowner’s worst enemy and can wreak havoc on your roof. After the Summer heat cools off, it’s time to start weather-proofing your Colorado roof.

1. Inspect Your Roof

Keeping your roof in good condition and Fall and Winter ready includes inspecting your roof. The extreme heat of summer can cause roofs to crack. In addition to roof cracks from the Colorado heat, damage from high winds, hail, snow, and storms can cause shingles to come loose. Homeowners need to be aware of the damage weather can create to their roofs.

Homeowners need to periodically check roof shingles and tiles before and after any damaging weather incident. It is vital that Colorado homeowners have a professional at Lifetime Windows and Siding check not only the shingles for any type of damage, but a have roof assessment which can show homeowners if there are any problems with the flashing or issues with the chimney.

2. Clean Debris

Colorado homeowners are aware that decaying leaves and dead tree limbs do not belong on their roof. Preparing your roof for Fall and Winter means cleaning debris from all areas of your roof and the gutters.

Leaves can get trapped in gutters, spouts, and drains Cleaning leaves from these areas is important for Colorado homeowners when preparing roofs for Fall and Winter. Insuring there are no leaves clogging drains, gutters, and spouts will help maintain your roof during the Fall and Winter.

Dead tree limbs are just as hazardous to your roof as leaves. When it comes to preparing your roof for Fall and Winter, Colorado homeowners should remove any dead tree limbs from obstructing gutters, drains, or spouts. Properly removing any hazards assures your roof is Fall and Winter ready.

3. Check Gutters

One-way Colorado homeowners can prepare their roof for Fall and Winter is to check gutters. Not only can debris build up in gutters, but gutters can become loose. Debris build up and loose gutters can cause water to backup or overflow. Improperly maintained gutters equal damaged roofs. Maintaining gutters prior to Fall and Winter avoids roof damage.

4. Attic Maintenance

Many Colorado homeowners do not realize attic maintenance is a vital key for preparing their roof for Fall and Winter. Homeowners need to check attic insulation and ventilation on a regular basis to prevent major roof damage.

Attic insulation protects your attic in any type of weather. The main purpose of attic insulation is to evenly distribute heat throughout the attic. However, if your insulation is not maintained, heat can escape. If heat escapes from your attic it can affect roof shingles. Heat buildup underneath shingles can cause damage and cost homeowners money.

Proper attic ventilation allows your attic to breathe. In extreme cases, improper ventilation allows heat to become trapped inside your attic. This in turn can create ice dams. These buildups of ice on your roof cause leaks which causes damage to your home.

Having a professional from Lifetime Windows and Siding inspect your attic before Fall and Winter can be the difference between permanent damage and preventative maintenance.

5. Protective Sealant

Sealant around chimneys, roof antennas, or exterior plumbing fixtures can become worn or cracked over time leaving your roof vulnerable to damage. Colorado homeowners know first-hand how damaging to elements of Fall and Winter can be.

One way to prepare your roof for Fall and Winter is to replace any cracked or worn sealant. By replacing sealant before Fall or Winter helps keep water from leaking under shingles or into your home.

6. Roof Valley Inspection

Over time the valleys of your roof are going to leak. Colorado homeowners know that the harsh weather elements of Fall and Winter can wreak havoc on roof looking for tile roof repair san diego. By inspecting the valleys for leaks or debris, homeowners are prepared for the weather of Fall and Winter.

Getting your roof ready for the Colorado weather of Fall and Winter is as easy as utilizing a few important maintenance tips or contacting the professionals at Lifetime Windows and Siding.