Many factors can come into play when homeowners decide it’s time for a window upgrade or replacement windows. Homeowners living in Colorado with old wood windows or worn-out vinyl windows should consider fiberglass windows. Fiberglass windows can withstand the extreme elements of Colorado weather.

From snow to heat, these types of windows provide homeowners with durability, energy efficiency, and peace of mind. Fiberglass windows also offer homeowners lifetime guarantees, worry-free maintenance, as well as superior quality.

1. The Colorado Weather

From extreme heat of Summer to the harsh Winter elements, homeowners on Colorado know these brutal weather elements can cause major issues with wood, aluminum, or vinyl windows. The harsh Colorado winters create problems for homeowners who have wood framed windows.

Snow, ice, rain, and strong winds cause wood windows to warp and thin glass panes to crack. Just as Winter can destroy wood windows, the heat of Summer can cause issues for aluminum windows. Heat can cause aluminum windows to warp as well, but also fade over time.

The solution for Colorado homeowners when it comes to dealing with the effects of weather is to choose fiberglass windows.

  • Weather resistant: Fiberglass windows resist the harsh elements of Colorado weather. Fiberglass windows are better insulated to protect against heat or snow. These types of windows are built to resist leaks, stress cracks, and seal failures.
  • Durable: Fiberglass windows are built to last. Built with materials that withstand all Colorado weather elements, these windows do not corrode, rot, and resists all temperature changes. Made with Ultrex fiberglass, these types of windows are eight times as strong as vinyl.
  • Energy efficient: During the Winter and Summer months, Colorado homeowners want to save money on utility costs. When old or damaged windows become an issues and utility costs start to rise, it’s time to consider fiberglass windows. Fiberglass windows lower utility costs by remaining weather tight, reducing air flow in and air flow out. These types of windows are Energy Star qualified saving Colorado homeowners up to thirty-eight percent on utility costs during the Summer and Winter months.
  • Prevents damage: Fiberglass windows can prevent weather damage. Colorado weather is brutal on wood or vinyl windows. Rain, wind, snow, hail, or heat damages windows that aren’t made to withstand the weather.

2. Time For An Upgrade

Over time windows need to be replaced. The effects of age, weather, and other factors cause wood, vinyl, or aluminum windows to wear out or become damaged. When it’s time for replacement windows, Colorado homeowners need to consider fiberglass windows that are built to withstand time, weather, and other damaging factors.

  • Lifetime security: When it comes to windows, homeowners in Colorado need and want security. Fiberglass windows offer homeowners peace of mind without having to worry about wear and tear over time. These types of windows are built for life. Homeowners don’t have to worry about fiberglass windows getting damaged or wearing out due to fire, weather, birds, or general wear and tear. Constructed with Ultrex, one of the strongest materials, fiberglass windows are built to last a lifetime. Another lifetime feature is performance glass which helps with utility costs.
  • Low maintenance: Homeowners want windows that are low maintenance. When it comes to replacement windows, fiberglass windows are the best choice for Colorado homeowners. With fiberglass windows, homeowners do not have to worry about going outside to clean windows after heavy snow or falling leaves. Because fiberglass windows come in a variety of styles, homeowners have many options that male maintenance a breeze.
  • Premium quality: Deciding to purchase replacement windows, Colorado homeowners want the best value and product. Infinity from Marvin replacement windows offers homeowners in Colorado both. Fiberglass windows are built tough, last longer than vinyl windows, and give homeowners pr4emium quality windows.
  • Choice: Fiberglass windows are available in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes to fit any need to match the exterior of your home. Homeowners in Colorado can choose from awning, bow, aby, bow, casement, custom, double hung, or glider windows.

If you are considering replacing your old, worn out wooden or vinyl windows with fiberglass replacement windows, knowing the main reasons to choose fiberglass windows will help you decide. To learn more about the benefits of fiberglass windows contact Lifetime Windows and Siding the number one Infinity from Marvin dealer.