Why Summer Is Often Home Improvement Season

Friday, June 29, 2018

Are you considering a home improvement project? Many Colorado homeowners consider home improvements to their home. However, they may not realize Summer is often home improvement season and the best time to get any type of work done on their home.

There are usually two reasons homeowners begin home improvement projects in the Summer: bad Winter weather and selling their home, which makes Summer the perfect season for home improvements.

Bad Winter Weather

Coloradans often are faced with the challenge of bad winter weather such as heavy snow. When the forces of Nature wreak havoc, homeowners are forced to put off home improvement projects until Summer.

From vinyl siding to replacement windows, homeowners cannot complete these home improvement projects due to bad Winter weather. When bad weather strikes during the Winter, Colorado homeowners only have one solution: take care of home improvements during the Summer.
Summer is the perfect time to begin all the projects that have been put off because of bad Winter weather.

  • No snow: Heavy snow impedes home improvement projects homeowners have thought about adding to their home. Several homeowners may want replacement windows or siding and are unable to complete the project until Summer.
  • More daylight: Home improvement projects during the Winter months can also be more difficult to complete due to less daylight, especially during bad weather, such as Winter storms. Because of Daylight Savings Time in the Summer, more homeowners are able to get projects completed without worry.
  • Perfect temperatures: Bad Winter weather also causes the temperature to drop, especially in Colorado where temperatures can drop into the teens. Most home improvement plans are put on the back burner by several homeowners until the Summer when the weather warms up.
  • No ice: Bad Winter weather in Colorado can also include a lot of icy conditions which can stop homeowners from completing home improvement projects. Icy conditions in the Winter creates major problems for homeowners. Checkout www.trusted-servicesgroup.com for service help. Homeowners may be faced with ice cycles or melting ice, both conditions stop projects from being completed in Winter. With no icy Winter weather to worry about, many homeowners choose Summer to complete projects.

In addition to homeowners beginning home improvement projects in the Summer due to bad Winter weather, many homeowners decide to sell their homes during the Spring/Summer season.

Selling A Home

During the Spring/Summer season many Coloradans decide to sale the home. Selling a home is a major decision and once a homeowner has made the decision to sell, the homeowner must also determine what home improvement projects need completed.
When deciding to sell a home, it is important to determine what improvements should be done. Homeowners need to ask themselves questions, especially regarding the exterior of the home.

1. What Needs Improving?

The first thing a potential homebuyer sees is the exterior of a home. If the home is worn out and in need of repairs, it is not going to sell without a facelift.

  • Exterior Covering: Before a homeowner decides to sell, the exterior covering must be up to par. Cracked or chipped paint or rotten wood isn’t going to sell a home. Neither is outdated siding. For this particular project, homeowners need to look at siding options. There are a variety of siding options available through local Colorado company Lifetime Windows and Siding to complete this project.
  • Windows: From old wooden widows to outdated aluminum windows, homes with drafts don’t sell. New vinyl replacement windows make a home salable. When potential buyers see window frames that need painting or glass panes that look dull, it is a turn-off. Homeowners have a variety of replacement windows to choose from when considering this type of home improvement project.

2. Why do I need to improve my home before selling?

The answer is simple, a home that looks worn out does not sell. When the exterior of the home is in disarray, potential home buyers will more than likely look at other homes in better condition. If your home is falling apart due to old windows or damaged wood exterior, it’s time to call the experts for replace windows and siding.

Whether bad Winter weather has kept you from completing a home improvement project or you are getting ready to sell your home, Summer is the best time to plan a home improvement project. You can prepare by determining what needs to be done by inspecting your home first.

Look at the exterior for chipped paint or rotten wood and windows for rotten wood or bent frames. Once you determine what project you want to start, phone Lifetime Windows and Siding to speak with an expert.