Spring Cleaning Tips for Fiberglass Windows

Thursday, April 26, 2018

It’s spring, and for many people that means cleaning up some long-neglected nooks and crannies of the house. Don’t forget about your windows: giving them some routine TLC now will keep them looking and functioning at their best for a long, long time. So what are the best ways to clean even the worst messes off of your fiberglass windows? Here are our favorite spring cleaning tips for fiberglass windows.

Cleaning the Glass Panes

Even though fiberglass windows are very low maintenance, even the most high quality equipment can get dusty and dirty – especially in the windy, snowy conditions of Colorado. To clean the glass panels of your fiberglass windows, you can use any soft, lint-free object such as a cloth, sponge, or microfiber towel.

Use a dish of warm water and dish washing liquid to loosen any solid grime, and any brand of spray window cleaner from the home and garden store for streak-free shine. Be sure to rinse away any cleaner residue with fresh water and a squeegee.

Cleaning the Frames

Next, move on to the frames, using the same warm, soapy water. Be careful to use something soft to scrub with, to avoid causing any scratches or abrasions. Clean from top to bottom and rinse any soap residue away with fresh water. Finally, dry them with a clean microfiber towel.

Cleaning the Track

After shining up the glass and frames, you can get started on the window track. You can use the same supplies as you did for the glass – perhaps a microfiber towel and some warm, soapy water. Unlock the window and open it to the fullest.

You can lift the sash up and remove it temporarily (be careful, it may be a bit heavy) to reach all the hard to clean areas. If there are any bugs, cobwebs, leaves, or other solid debris, you can use your brush attachment on your vacuum to suck it clean. Wipe it clean with the damp towel. Then, lubricate the track if necessary to keep it gliding smoothly.

Cleaning the Screens

Your screens need to be cleaned periodically too: after all, they catch most of the dust and bugs from outside and prevent them from flying into your home. To begin, you will first need to remove the screen from the window and prop it up. In many cases, you’ll be able to vacuum it with the soft brush attachment and that will take care of it. If it’s a little grimier than the vacuum can handle, you can then wash it with a sponge and mild soap. Take the screen outside and rinse it clean with the garden hose. Set the screen somewhere safe and let it completely dry before you replace it onto the window.

How to Clean Stuck-On Materials from Your Fiberglass Windows

If you have kids or grandkids, you know that there is no end to the things that can be used to draw on or stick to your windows. From crayons to permanent markers to paint to lipstick, if you have something really tough to clean you may need a little more than Palmolive.

Some of the best non-abrasive cleansers available at any home and garden store include Fantastik, Soft Scrub, Murphy’s Oil Soap, and Lestoil, any of which are great choices to remove these and many other tough or greasy materials.

What Not to Do

Cleaning your fiberglass windows may seem like the most basic of tasks, but there are a few things you should definitely steer clear of to avoid injury to the unit – or yourself. Don’t fall back on your grandpa’s razor blade trick to scrape gunk off your fiberglass windows, as this can really damage the glass and any of the special coatings on the surface. You also want to stay clear of any abrasive or harsh chemicals and solvents: dish liquid is good enough in almost all cases.


Finally, when you’re cleaning the exterior side of the windows, avoid leaning out from the interior side as you could take a nasty fall. If you need to clean your second-story windows, it may be best to hire a window cleaning company who is trained and has the proper equipment to do this safely.

If you purchase a fiberglass window like Infinity from Marvin, you don’t need to worry about this! All of their windows are designed to be cleaned easily, from the inside, no matter what floor you are on. The window is designed to easily pop in, making exterior cleaning a breeze.

Now that you know our best tips for cleaning fiberglass windows, you’ll be able to get your spring cleaning done efficiently and safely – and enjoy a nice, clear view of the outdoors.