Need a Roof? We’ve Got You Covered.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Press Release
Lifetime Windows and Siding is opening a roofing division following the biggest hailstorm in Colorado history.

Denver: A devastating hailstorm left the Denver metro area reeling with damages as softball sized hail destroyed buildings, homes, roofs, windows and cars. The storm caused $1.4 billion in damages, with an estimated 200,000 insurance claims.

As soon as a storm of this magnitude hits, areas are inundated with “storm chasers”; people who watch the news and travel to areas affected by severe weather, offering to do repairs, often times leaving with a down payment and not doing any work. Many frustrated homeowners are left scratching their heads, wondering what the next steps are.

After seeing so many homes damaged, and people dealing with the hassle of finding a reputable roofing company, Lifetime expanded their roofing services and opened an entire division to be able to reach more people in the Denver metro area. “We thought that expanding our roofing services made sense after seeing what people were going through after the storm. We are one of the most reputable home improvement companies in Colorado, we want people to work with someone they can trust,” said Peter Svedin, co-founder and CEO.

Working with insurance companies can be an entirely different kind of headache, people often get confused sifting through the paperwork and left wondering if they received a fair settlement. Lifetime felt it was important to step in and help customers navigate the insurance process. “We want to be there with you, working with the insurance company, making sure everything is clear and fair, from start to finish,” said Svedin, “We are looking forward to being a one stop shop for windows, siding and roofing.”

Lifetime backs all of their work by a lifetime guarantee and is affiliated with, a third party nonprofit that ensures home improvement projects are held to the highest professional standards.