Is My Roof Leaking?

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

One of the maintenance issue many Colorado homeowners have is roof leaks. Colorado weather can damage roofs and cause minor to major leaks. Knowing the signs of a roof leak will save homeowners thousands of dollars in home repair costs.

  • Brown water stains on the ceiling A sure sign of a roof leak is brown water stains on the homeowners ceiling. If you spot brown water stains on the ceiling, you might have a roof leak.
  • Missing or full gutters If your home is missing gutters or filled with debris, the likelihood of a roof leak is probable. Missing gutters or full gutters prevent water from draining properly off the roof.
  • Sagging ceilings Sagging ceiling are a sign of a major roof leak. When ceilings sag, there is usually water build up from a leaking roof.
  • Leaks around chimney flashing Most homeowners fail to notice leaks around chimney flashing. Due to the Colorado weather such as heavy snow during the winter, roofs can leak causing flashing to leak around chimneys.
  • Mold If you notice mold along the walls of home, this is another sign of a roof leak. Mode grows from dampness. If water is leaking from the roof, water could build up behind walls and cause mold.
  • Loose shingles If homeowners suspect a roof leak, one way to check is to inspect the roof for loose shingles.
  • Rotten wooden eaves Roof leaks can cause wooden eaves to rot. By inspecting eaves for damage, homeowners can be prepared to deal with roof leaks.

Once Colorado homeowners know what to look for to see if their roof is leaking, there are many ways to prevent roof leaks. Roof leaks are caused by many factors. In Colorado, two of the main factors for roof leaks are heavy winter snow and heavy leaf accumulation from Autumn.

  • Remove snow and leaves Colorado homeowners are used to heavy snow during the winter and mounds of leaves during the Fall. However, when snow and leaves accumulate on roofs, it becomes a potential hazard. Heavy snow and tons of leaves create roof leaks. One way for homeowners to prevent roof leaks from snow and leaves is to remove the debris before it builds up and can cause a roof leak.
  • Install new gutters/clean out gutters When gutters are missing or full of debris, roof leaks can happen. Homeowners need to be aware of gutter issues. If gutters are missing, installing new gutters can prevent roof leaks. The same is true by cleaning debris from gutters. When leaves and other trash builds up inside gutters, water can build up of the roof causing it to leak. Cleaning gutters at least twice a month can prevent roof leaks.
  • Call a professional When homeowners are faced with a major roof leak, the only solution is to call an expert. Anything from missing or loose shingles could be causing the issue. It is important the homeowner get the problem resolved as quickly as possible to prevent any other damage to the home.
  • Seal any visible leaks Roof leaks can appear minor, but over time become major if not properly taken care of. One-way homeowners can prevent small leaks from becoming big leaks is to seal any visible leaks, especially around chimney flashing.
  • Check for sources of the leak When homeowners discover mold in the home, a roof leak could be the culprit. Following the mold trail can help homeowners detect the source of the leak. Checking attics should be the first place to look. If water is standing in the attic, there is a roof leak.
  • Inspecting the outside of the home┬áPreventative measures began with homeowners inspecting the outside of their home. Colorado homeowners experience harsh winter weather such as heavy snow. After snow falls, homeowners should inspect the outside of their homes to make sure snow is not standing on the roof, shingles are not loose, or gutters are not broken. In addition to harsh winter weather, the Summer heat can also damage roofs causing leaks. Homeowners need to inspect for heat spots on the roof.

Roof leaks can cause major damage for homeowners in Colorado due to harsh weather. Usually the signs are visible and homeowners can prevent any further damage by using preventative measures. However, some roof leaks could be major and require professional help. Usually when homeowners are faced with a major roof leak, replacing shingles or gutters can solve the issue. If gutters are need, call the professionals at Lifetime Windows and Siding for help.