Home Siding Works with All Kinds of Designs

Sunday, July 01, 2018

When considering siding for your home, Colorado homeowners need to know that siding works with all kinds of designs. Siding for the home is offered in many different types that give homeowners several options that fit with different designs.

When choosing design elements to compliment siding, homeowners must take into consideration the varying Colorado weather. It is important to know what is best for the exterior of your home.

Because siding comes in many varieties, homeowners have a variety of design options that will fit their exterior needs. Some varieties of siding Colorado homeowners may want to consider include James Hardie Artisian Collection which goes with all kinds of designs.

Faux Stone Veneer

For Colorado homeowners, faux stone veneer in the perfect fit with exterior siding. Faux stone veneer is durable against the harsh elements of Colorado weather. It can withstand harsh Colorado Winter weather as well as hot Summer weather. Faux stone veneer has the look and feel of real stone and is available in various shades to match homeowner’s exterior vinyl. To find out more about how faux stone veneer will go with your vinyl, contact the experts at Lifetime Windows and Siding.

In addition to faux stone veneer, homeowners have a variety of designs that go with home siding. Colorado homeowners can match cedar planks or brick with the exterior siding of their home.

Cedar Planks

Cedar planks add beauty to the exterior of your home. When combined with exterior home siding, Colorado homeowners are offered durability, as well a lifetime of satisfaction. Cedar planks are an excellent design choice with various types of siding.

One particular siding choice that works well with cedar planks is staggered edge shake. By combining this type of siding with your cedar planks, Colorado homeowners get the look and feel of Cape Cod.


Most homeowners do not think of combining brick with exterior siding. However, both are durable and resist harsh Colorado weather. Exterior siding adds lasting beauty to the existing brick on your home. When choosing the type of exterior siding to match your brick, homeowners are offered different types of siding as well as colors. Choosing the right shade and type is as easy as contacting the experts at Lifetime Windows and Siding. However, one of the best choices is stucco panels which are durable and add crisp, clean lines to existing brick.

If you have been considering a home improvement project to give your home a new look or just want to make a change, then consider adding siding to your home. Siding is durable, virtually maintenance free, comes with a lifetime warranty, and meets all of Colorado homeowner needs.

Whether your existing design is faux stone veneer, cedar planks, or bricks, siding goes with any design and adds beauty as well as value. If you are wanting to change the exterior, you also have a variety of design choices as well.


If you are considering changing the exterior of your home, stucco is a great choice and goes great with stucco panels. Both are durable, resist Colorado weather, and comes in a variety of colors. Before making a decision, contact an expert.


Many Colorado homes still have wood exteriors that are in great condition. If you are thinking about adding siding, then it’s great to know that you can still keep your existing wood exterior and add exterior siding. Adding siding to your home’s wood exterior gives homeowners peace of mind knowing they have extra exterior protection.


Does your home currently have exterior siding? Did you know Lifetime Windows and Siding offers a variety of siding to add to your current design? Contact one of the experts to learn how you can add siding to your current design.


Many Colorado homeowners have stone exterior which needs a face-lift. Durable siding can enhance the look of your stone exterior. Siding is weather sturdy and give added support to your stone design. By adding siding to your home, you add beauty, value, and security against the Colorado element.

Whatever your home improvement needs or exterior design, siding goes with any design, adds durability, withstands Colorado weather, comes in a variety of styles and colors. Siding is also economical and adds value to your current exterior.

Lifetime Windows and Siding is a local home improvement company that can help homeowners determine which siding is the best choice for their current exterior design. Let the experts help you with your next home improvement project.