Why You Should Get Windows in the Winter

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Waking up this morning, I looked outside, from the comfort of my warm, cozy bed, at the snow starting to fall lightly from the overcast, grey sky. I sat up, found my fuzzy new slippers, and walked to the window to check out the wintery scene before me. It was at this point I was hit with a nice arctic blast of cold air, not an ideal sensation at 6:30am. I looked down at the window sill and noticed that there was condensation, inside, that was beginning to freeze the colder it got. Walking out into my living room was like entering a sauna, because I had turned up the heat so much in the night to compensate for the freezing cold air that would inevitably come through my bedroom window.

I am going to throw this out there and say that I am most likely not the only person that is experiencing something like this during the winter. I definitely fall in the category of thought; “Windows are a big project, summer is better….” but now I realize just how much money I am wasting, futily heating my bedroom, as cold and moisture soaks in.

Of course the thought of replacing your windows in the winter seems daunting, a crappy window is better than an open hole on the side of your house, right? But it doesn’t have to be a daunting ordeal. With the right research, replacing your windows in the winter can be a painless process.

Lifetime Windows and Siding has experienced installers that are used to working in all types of elements. During the winter months, installers only remove and replace one window at a time, minimizing the cold air coming in. They are also sure to leave the door closed within the room they are working (if possible) to also help reduce the cold spreading to other areas of the house.

No matter what the season, they always use their trademark red carpet treatment in your home. Plastic coverings, literal red carpet and booties ensure that the mess of winter is left outside where it should be.

Then there are the savings, you will save a TON of money over the long run, making it a worthwhile investment anytime of year. I am dreading my heating bill this month, knowing that it will be a fortune since I was trying to counteract the arctic blasts seeping in. There might be a slight chill in here when I get the windows replaced, but it will only last one day, compared to the current chill I wake up to every morning.

Be sure to give Lifetime a call today, they can go over scheduling options to insure a quick, efficient window installation that will leave you warm and cozy (with a MUCH lower heating bill) for the rest of the winter months.