Difference Between Sliding Windows and Crank Windows

Monday, July 30, 2018

Have you been thinking about replacing your worn-out wooden windows? When shopping for replacement windows, it is important for Denver, Colorado homeowners to know the difference between sliding windows and crank windows.

Harsh Colorado winter weather can wreak havoc on homeowners’ windows. Knowing the best window to replace damaged windows can save homeowners time and money. Many homeowners think all replacement windows are the same. However, all replacement windows are not the same. Knowing the difference between sliding widows and crank windows, especially in the Denver area will help homeowners choose the best window.

Whether you are thinking about replacing your windows because of harsh weather or want to improve your home, as a Colorado homeowner, two types of windows to consider are sliding windows and crank windows. Each of these windows provide the homeowner with a variety of features that help enhance the home. Although, both types of windows will enhance the home, each is unique and different, offering the Colorado homeowner two very different options.

Sliding windows offer Denver homeowners an abundance of features providing comfort and security during the elements of Colorado weather. When selecting sliding windows for your home improvement project knowing the benefits will help you make the right decision. It’s important to ask questions about the product. Contact Lifetime Windows and Siding to help you answer any questions about sliding windows.

  • Ease of use– Sliding windows come equipped with sash rollers providing easy operation for the homeowner. This feature is extremely important to homeowners who struggle to open windows.
  • Easy to clean– Sliding windows have tilt latches allowing the operating sash to be removed for cleaning. This feature is great for Colorado homeowners who do not want to spend hours cleaning dirty windows from dust and debris.
  • No protruding parts– Homeowners do not have to worry about bulky frames sticking out with sliding windows, which makes this type of window perfect for areas that face patios or walkways.
  • Versatile– Sliding windows are versatile in that they open either to left side, right side, or even half-way between. This is a plus for homeowners who want a window that does not just open one way.
  • Let there be light– There is nothing more cheerful than sunlight. Colorado homeowners can experience hours of sunlight with sliding windows due the design of the window.
  • Especially designed– Sliding windows are especially designed for wider opening inside homes. This feature is an excellent option for homeowners who have wide windows.

Crank windows provide Colorado homeowners with many valuable features that will give peace of mind and protection during all seasons. When choosing crank windows for your window needs, be sure to ask a window expert at Lifetime Windows and Siding more about the benefits. `

  • Allows air flow– Crank windows are designed to open completely to allow air to circulate through the home. This particular feature can be a plus for Colorado homeowners who want to enjoy breezy Summer nights or crisp Autumn days.
  • Extra protection– Crank windows are durable and secure. This type of window is attached to a frame by one or more hinges as well as offering a hinged side. This feature gives Colorado homeowners peace of mind during severe weather.
  • More energy efficient-Due to the nature of crank windows, this type of window is more energy efficient in that the seal is not flexible. This feature is a bonus for Denver homeowners who want a more energy efficient home.
  • Designed differently– Crank windows are designed for homes with tall, narrow openings. This is a great feature for Colorado homeowners who have floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • Varied styles– Crank windows are offered to homeowners in two different styles. These windows are designed to either swing in or out, giving Colorado homeowners options that suit their needs.
  • Designed for the homeowner in mind– Crank windows come in a variety of exterior and interior colors to match a homeowner’s color scheme. When you are getting ready to add windows to your home improvement project, crank windows provide not only beautiful color, but variety.

When comparing sliding windows and crank windows, it is important to note which window fits best with your home improvement needs. It is also better to speak with an expert at Lifetime Windows and Siding before deciding. An expert can walk you through the process of choosing the proper window for the proper fit find right here more about ac repair mesa az. By comparing the differences, you will be armed with the facts before calling a replacement window specialist at Lifetime Windows and Siding.