What is the Best Siding for Homes in Colorado?

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Colorado may be one of the most desirable states in the country to live in, but its climate is one of the toughest. With high winds and deep snows, often lasting well into spring, staying warm and keeping heating costs down is at the top of every homeowner’s priority list.

We’ve had so much success using James Hardie fiber cement siding for homes in Colorado, we want to share it with you too. Here are some facts about the best siding for homes in Colorado.

What is Fiber Cement Siding?

Fiber cement siding has only been around approximately 25 years, but homeowners are already smitten. When you go with wood, vinyl, or brick siding, you typically have to consider attractiveness, cost effectiveness, and durability – and pick two. Fiber cement siding not only gives you all three of those qualities: it’s also low maintenance. Fiber cement siding is constructed with Portland cement, wood pulp, and silica, creating a surface that won’t crack or warp under high moisture and wind. Ideal for Colorado weather!

Keep Your House Warm

Insulation is pretty important when you’re surrounded by snowdrifts. The last thing you need is for the harsh winds to drive cold drafts through your siding and into your home, causing your heating bill to skyrocket. During the installation process, insulation is fitted precisely behind the fiber cement siding to ensure that all possible gaps are sealed up to keep drafts and water where they belong: outside. This will help keep your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer – not to mention keeping that monthly utility bill manageable.

Withstand the Freeze-Thaw Cycle

When you live somewhere like Colorado, siding is tricky. When moisture gets into the material, it will freeze as soon as the temperatures drop. And you know what happens to water when it freezes, right? That’s right, it expands: the perfect recipe for cracked, warped siding when the spring thaw finally arrives.

If you have wood, brick, or another type of siding, you’ll have to inspect it regularly for spots that need maintenance. Fiber cement siding doesn’t absorb moisture, and its rigidity ensures it can’t expand or shrink either. This makes it a virtually maintenance-free choice for a home in the Colorado climate.

Withstand Heat and Sun

Although Colorado does have a long snowy season, it can still get pretty hot in the summer and the sun shines clear and bright. Other types of siding, especially vinyl, can melt, bubble and swell in the heat. July isn’t the only thing to fear, either: beams of light reflected off outdoor objects can melt or burn vinyl, even in the winter. Fiber cement siding does not burn, or melt, making it a solid choice for even the most brutal climates.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Great, your siding is going to be intact in the spring and keep your house warm. But is it going to look like you live in a factory? Definitely not. Fiber cement siding is designed to look exactly like matte-finish, freshly painted, soft-sanded wood.

Both clapboard and shingle siding is available and can be stained to mimic real wood. Fiber cement siding in a trendy color like gray or gray-blue will make your home look like the most sophisticated on the street. Choose from over 20+ stylish hues from the manufacturer, or pick out your own favorite paint color. You can even repaint it in a few years if you decide you’d like to try on something fresh and new.

Save a Few Dollars

If you’re hoping to find a beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance siding that will hold up under Colorado weather – with a decent price tag on top of all that, then fiber cement siding may be a good choice for you. It runs about $2 per square foot, compared to wooden clapboards at $5 per square foot and wooden shingles at $7-8 per square foot. Fiber cement siding is a more expensive option than vinyl, but when you take into account the low maintenance and potential energy savings of fiber cement, in the long run you may end up saving more.

You want your siding to be beautiful, leak-proof, crack-proof, and burn-proof. That’s what we want for your house too. At Lifetime Windows and Siding, we have had the opportunity to help Colorado homeowners navigate their choices and observe the results for satisfaction. We have seen how different materials behave in our weather, and are confident in our choice to recommend James Hardie fiber cement siding.