The Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Whether you were hit by the hail storm this last spring or not, it’s not hard to see the damage it caused to people’s homes and cars. Not only dents, but literal holes in homeowner’s siding. What if they made a siding that was completely hail proof?

Guess what? They do! Fiber cement siding is completely hail resistant. We have had many clients call in elated when their siding didn’t even have a scratch, shocked by the damages they saw on their neighbor’s homes.

The versatility you receive when you choose fiber cement is exquisite, with wood looks, shingle looks, panels, and stucco. Homeowners can even choose a contemporary or a classic vintage appearance.

Fiber cement siding requires less maintenance. You won’t have to repaint your siding every few years, although like wood, fiber cement can be painted any color. James Hardie ColorPlus® technology bakes on multiple coats of color in a controlled environment for a strong bond that resists fading, peeling and cracking. This technique provides durability that involves less upkeep while remaining remarkably beautiful and authentic.

Withstanding extreme weather is another positive attribute to fiber cement siding. Fiber cement siding will not expand and contract when the weather fluctuates like other siding materials do. This expansion and contraction can cause cracking, chipping, warping, and sometimes rotting. Also, previously mentioned it can withstand hail storms.

Wood siding can attract pests such as termites or woodpeckers, when these pests find their way in it can end up costing the homeowners thousands of dollars to repair. Fiber cement naturally resists damage from pests because it’s not composed of appealing materials. These same materials are also not combustible, they won’t melt and they resist the spread of flames. In case of a fire, the security with fiber cement is greater.

Fiber cement is an investment for your future. With the durability and minimal maintenance, it provides it is an investment that pays for itself over time. Homeowners can allocate the money and time saved from upkeep to other home updates or maybe even a vacation!