6 Window Maintenance Tips to Complete Before the Fall

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

With Fall right around the corner, it’s time for Colorado homeowners to start thinking about window maintenance. Summer is the perfect time to take care of your windows before Fall. The best way to ensure windows are properly maintained before Fall is to follow these six tips.

1. Replace Weather Stripping

Colorado weather can damage the weather stripping around windows. It is vital for homeowners to not only check for damaged weather stripping, but to replace any worn or damaged weather stripping before Fall. Damage from snow and harsh wind in the Winter can cause weather stripping to pull loose from windows. Homeowners in Colorado also need to be aware that the elements of Spring such as pollen and the scorching heat of Summer can cause weather stripping to crack or rot.

To prevent major issues such as high utility bills, homeowners should replace weather stripping before the Fall. By replacing weather stripping before Fall, Colorado homeowners can insure windows are secure, no elements such as rain or dust enter the home, and utility costs stay down.

2. Evaluate Older Windows

During the Summer, Colorado homeowners need to evaluate older windows before Fall. It is important for homeowners to check older, wooden windows for cracks or weather-related damage. The elements of Colorado weather can damage older windows causing heating and cooling costs to rise.

If older windows are damaged, it is also important to have any damaged windows replaced as soon as possible. By replacing older windows with energy efficient vinyl replacement windows, homeowners will not have to worry about high utility costs. Contact an expert at Lifetime Windows and Siding to learn more about energy efficient vinyl replacement windows.

3. Have Storm Windows Installed

The stormy weather of Colorado can do a lot of damage to homes. One of the major damages that is broken windows. One way to prevent storm damage is to have storm windows installed before Fall. Storm windows prevent major damage to the home, provides safety, and offers homeowners security. If you have issues with storms, consider having storm windows installed to prevent further damage.

4. Clean Any Accumulated Dirt

Winter, Spring, and Summer weather create a headache for Colorado homeowners. Accumulated dirt around windows from the Colorado weather can create major problems for homeowners. Cleaning any accumulated dirt from around windows before Fall helps saves money during high utility months.

When dirt and debris build up around windows, particularly around the frame, it can cause damage to the seals. When the seals become damaged, heat and air from inside the home escape. Remember, accumulated dirt around windows costs more if not cleaned.

5. Replace Damaged Parts

The effects of harsh Colorado weather can damage windows. It is important for homeowners in Colorado to replace damaged parts before Fall. Damaged frames, glass, or other parts of windows can cause homeowners major issues with unwanted expenses and high utility bills.

Checking windows and replacing damaged parts before Fall will help Colorado homeowners save money. In addition to saving money by replacing damaged part of windows, replacing damaged parts also prevent safety hazards. Overall, this is one of the most important aspect of window maintenance a homeowner can perform before Fall.

6. Evaluate Sun Damage

The Summer sun can damage windows. Colorado homeowners need to be aware of how the sun can damage windows. To prevent damage, homeowners need to evaluate sun damage before Fall. Signs of sun damage can include faded frames, cracked glass, as well as peeling or cracked seals and weather stripping.

Some major issues caused by sun damage can include having to replace windows, high utility costs, or safety concerns. Knowing what to look for will help homeowners be aware to evaluate sun damage to windows.

In Closing

By following the above six tips for window maintenance before Fall, Colorado homeowners can insure windows are maintained properly. For example, when weather stripping deteriorates due to the effects of Colorado weather, replacing the stripping before Fall insures that during the Winter months, cold air does not enter the home. Also, by inspecting older windows before Fall, homeowners can have damaged windows replaced as soon as possible saving money.

As with any maintenance, homeowners in Colorado may want to install storm windows to prevent damage from bad weather. In addition to checking weather stripping, inspecting older windows, or installing storm windows, homeowners need to also check for dirt caked on windows, damaged parts, and sun damage. To learn more about window maintenance contact an expert at Lifetime Windows and Siding.