6 Unknown Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

When considering an exterior home improvement, Colorado homeowners should consider vinyl siding. There are many benefits of vinyl siding, such as never having to paint. However, there are also six unknown benefits of siding homeowners need to be aware of when investing in vinyl siding.

1. Helps Lower Utility Costs

Winter and Summer can cost Colorado homeowners a lot of money in utility bills due to drafty, older homes without vinyl siding. Homes with existing wooden exteriors are killing Colorado homeowners during the Winter when temperatures fall below 50 degrees.

In addition to colder temperatures, the brutal Colorado snow causes havoc on wood exteriors. The Summer months can be just as brutal with high temperatures and sun damage. These seasonal weather conditions cause homeowners to crank up the heat in the Winter and the air in the Summer.

With a wooden exterior damaged from the weather, Colorado homeowners are going to spend hundreds of dollars on utility bills. However, by replacing a wood exterior with vinyl siding, Colorado homeowners can actually lower utility costs by providing an airtight seal, resistant to brutal Colorado seasonal weather.

2. Prevents Damage from Insects

Homeowners in Colorado know carpenter bees and termites wreak havoc on a wood exterior. Extensive damage to a home with a wood exterior can reach thousands of dollars from damage caused by carpenter bees and termites.

The only solution and a less expensive option to keep these insects from damaging your home is vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is durable, cost efficient, and insect proof. If damage occurs to your wooden exterior from pesky insects, contact Lifetime Windows and Siding to learn more about how vinyl siding can protect your exterior and save you money.

3. Never Paint Again

Being a homeowner in Colorado, having to paint the outside of your wood exterior every five or fifteen years can become expensive and overwhelming. Replacing the old wood exterior of home with vinyl siding not only means homeowners never have to paint again, but it also saves money.

With vinyl siding, homeowners have a variety of types and colors to choose from without the hassle of going to the store to buy paint and supplies. When purchasing vinyl siding from a professional such as Lifetime Windows and Siding, Colorado homeowners get an experienced person to help choose the right vinyl siding for the exterior of their home. No more painting in the Summer after Winter weather chips away at the paint of the exterior wood, only beautiful, chip-free vinyl siding.

4. Virtually Maintenance Free

Homeowners in Colorado know the weather can be brutal on the wood exterior of a home, that’s why many are choosing vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is virtually maintenance free, requiring little upkeep and minimal care, unlike wood. Unlike wood, vinyl can be cleaned periodically with a soft-bristle brush and mild detergent or a pressure washer on a yearly basis.

5. Adds Value to the Home

If you are considering an exterior home makeover, vinyl siding can do much more than make a home look appeasing, it can add value to your home. Vinyl siding can change the looks of old, worn out wood by giving the home a face-lift.

Many homeowners face the challenge of not being able to sell their home that still has a wood exterior. However, replacing the wood with vinyl siding not only adds beauty to a home, but gives it a marketability factor. If you are not certain which vinyl siding will add value to your home, contact an expect at Lifetime Windows and Siding.

6. Weather Resistant

Snow, rain, strong winds, and hail can do major damage to the wood exterior of homes in Colorado. Maintaining the wood due to the elements is a major problem for homeowners and one that can be solved with weather resistant vinyl siding.

This great benefit of vinyl siding protects a home from damage associated with Colorado weather. It is durable, resistant to bad weather, and can withstand pressure, whereas wood rots due to bad weather. When considering what exterior is better for your home, a wood exterior does not compare to vinyl siding when it comes down to harsh Colorado weather. Find out how vinyl siding can protect your home from the elements of weather by contacting local dealer Lifetime Windows and Siding.

When it comes down to making a major decision about the exterior of your home, it is important to know the benefits vinyl siding offers verses a wood exterior. Colorado homeowners must consider energy efficiency, insects destroy wood, costs of maintaining a wood exterior, and the Colorado weather. To learn more about the benefits of vinyl siding contact your local company Lifetime Windows and Siding.