2018 Common Window Design Trends

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

What do your windows say about your home? Colorado is known for its beautiful landscape and as a homeowner, you want to showcase the beauty of Colorado and your home. However, you may not know where to start when it comes to common window design trends that will not only showcase the beautiful Colorado landscape, but provide elegance, durability, and security to your home.

Whether you live in the city or suburb, the windows of your home need to make a statement. Choosing the proper window for your home does not need to be a hassle. When you are well-informed of the common window design trends in the Colorado area, you can make the right decision when purchasing replacement windows or adding new windows to your home.

Windows come in all shapes, sizes, types, and colors. With so many different options available, it’s easy to get lost in a plethora of confusion, unless you know common window design trends before making a decision.

City or suburb? Denver area homeowners have the best scenic view. Showcasing the spectacular view of Denver comes down to what homeowners want and need. Common window design trends include custom windows, energy efficient windows, vinyl replacement windows, and windows that control ventilation throughout the home.

Custom Design Windows

Custom design windows are one of the most common window designs homeowners can choose. Not only do custom design windows provide beauty to Colorado homes, but also provide a lifetime of investment and security for homeowners.

  • Unique: Custom design windows for your home are unique. Colorado homeowners can select from many different styles, shapes, and colors to match the uniqueness of their home.
  • Lifetime Investment: Custom design windows offer homeowners in Colorado a lifetime investment. Custom design windows are made with performance glass which provides homeowners a lifetime of energy efficient savings.
  • Security: Custom design windows also offer Colorado homeowners peace of mind. Specialty windows are durable which insures longevity.

Before considering custom design windows, homeowners must ask questions. What type of home are the windows going to be installed? Where is the home located? What is the investment verses value? Knowing the basics before contacting an expert will help homeowners determine their needs. For more about custom design windows, contact the experts at Lifetime Windows and Siding.

Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows are one of the most common window design trends and Colorado homeowners best friend. Living in Colorado, homeowners experience all types of weather, from extreme heat to harsh winters. These type of weather issues can cause an increase in utility bills as well as window damage.

  • Saves on Utility Bills: Energy efficient windows will save Colorado homeowners on their utility bills. Installing energy efficient windows gives homeowners thermal protection from the various weather elements.
  • Prevents Damage: This type of window comes in different varieties that can provide ventilation during bad weather as well as UV protection.

When deciding on the type of common design window trend, energy efficient windows are the perfect window for Colorado homeowners who need to replace old wooden windows or want to save money on utility cost. To learn more about energy efficient windows and how you can save money, contact the experts at Lifetime Windows and Siding.

Ventilation-controlled Windows

Climate control is important to Colorado homeowners, especially during the Summer and Winter months. One common window design trend that will help homeowners with climate control is ventilation-controlled windows.

  • Casement Window: This type of ventilation-controlled window is designed to allow airflow and ventilation to move freely in and out of homes.

To learn more about ventilation-controlled windows, contact the experts at Lifetime Windows and Siding.