Home improvements often represent a significant investment for homeowners. The first concern for most homeowners is cost versus value. Denver homeowners should know that the top two home improvement projects for return on investment are new siding and new kitchens. Adding new siding to the exterior of your home not only adds value, it provides your home with long-lasting protection from the harsh elements of Colorado weather.

There are several factors homeowners should consider before selecting new siding for their next remodeling project.

  1. Value: Homeowners need a siding product that provides both quality and value. Bankrate.com recently reported that the average cost of new siding costs $16,000 with a resale value of close to $12,000. Homeowners should feel very good about recouping 75% of their investment. To learn more about how new siding can improve the value of your home, contact the experts at Lifetime Windows and Siding.
  2. Curb appeal: Adding new siding is exciting because it adds curb appeal to your home. This is an important consideration if you decide to sell your home. Lifetime Windows and Siding is the largest dealer of James Hardie siding in Colorado. Our James Hardie fiber cement siding products add beauty to the exterior of your home and come in a variety of styles and colors that will give the exterior of a fresh, new look.
  3. Weather-resistant: James Hardie has formulated one-of-a-kind siding products that are designed to resist the swelling and cracking that can be caused by the wide temperature swings we see in Denver. Adding siding to the exterior of your home will protect your home from harsh weather conditions, outdoor debris and harmful pests. Remodeling with fiber cement siding is a smart alternative to wood siding, which tends to rot.
  4. Maintenance-free: Replacing your worn-out wood siding with fiber cement siding provides a maintenance-free exterior. Instead of cleaning the exterior of your home you can enjoy time with friends and family. Denver homeowners can be confident that the baked on paint and finish will look great for years to come.
  5. Energy Efficiency: Most remodeling projects do not lower your utility costs. However, adding new siding to your home can reduce your energy bills and potentially save you hundreds of dollars each year. James Hardie siding will prevent heat from escaping in the winter and keep the cool air in your home during the summer. To learn more about how remodeling the exterior of your home with new siding can lower your utility costs, contact an expert at Lifetime Windows and Siding.

Remodeling your home is a major decision and choosing the right project is important. Replacing your home siding is an excellent investment that will deliver an outstanding return. James Hardie siding will add curb appeal to your home and is virtually maintenance free. Additionally, new siding offers the benefit of reduced utility bills, which is bound to put a smile on your face.

For more information on James Hardie siding products please visit the Lifetime Windows & Siding website at www.lifetimewindowscolorado.com.